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Typhoon Jongdari path map: Storm closing in on Japan amid heatwave

Typhoon Jongdari path map: Storm closing in on Japan amid heatwave Typhoon Jongdari path map: Storm closing in on Japan amid heatwave JAPAN’S deadly heatwave is set to come to an abrupt halt this weekend as Typhoon Jongdari is on its way. Here is everything you need to know about Typhoon Jongdari’s path. People in Japan are bracing themselves for yet more destructive weather. Typhoon Jongdori is currently south of mainland Japan. However, Jongdari is predicted to teach towards the north east over the next few days. The storm should then turn west and hit the Honshu coast.  Swimmers and people on ships are being warned about hazardous conditions as seas will build along the eastern and southern coasts throughout the weekend.  The typhoon is currently the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane in the Atlantic or East Pacific oceans.  Jondari strengthened into a typhoon on Thursday evening local time.  Typhoon Jongdari path map: Japan was hit by another typhoon earlier this month (Image: GETTY ) Typhoon Jongdari path map: A maps showing where the typhoon is heading (Image: ACCUWEATHER) The storm is expected to intensify further as it gets dangerously close to Iwo Jima and mainland Japan.  AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Adam Douty said: "Jongdari could reach the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane into Saturday. "However, Jongdari can still be the equivalent of a Category 1 or 2 hurricane as it makes landfall in central Honshu," Douty warned there will be damaging winds just north of where Jongdari makes landfall.  Typhoon Jongdari path map: The risks that the typhoon is bringing with it (Image: ACCUWEATHER) This may lead to power being cut, as well as damage to homes, businesses and trees. Douty added: “Wind gusts may be the greatest threat along the coast of east-central Honshu. "Depending on the final intensity of the storm, gusts to near 160 km/h (100 mph) are possible." Heavy rainfall if around 12 inches is also expected before the core of the cyclone arrives in central Honshu.  Pictures show devastating scenes from deadly floods in Japan At least 38 people are dead and many missing in heavy rains that have lashed western Japan since July 3, triggering landslides and flooding in wide areas

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